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Grey Ducks (playing in orange as the "Five Holes") win the Summer League Championship!

Summer League Champions

The Grey Ducks - Champs!

First Championship

Duluth Classic

I'm pretty sure we won this face-off

Come watch the Grey Ducks competing at the upcoming Duluth Classic tournament!  Stay tuned as details are firmed up.

Duluth Classic
October 19-21
Duluth Heritage Sports Center

120 S 30th Ave W
Duluth, MN 55806


2018-2019 Winter Season

Over the summer, it became clear that the Grey Ducks had earned the right to play up a level.  While we didn't make the play-offs last winter (by ONE stinking point!), we had a very strong showing in our first winter in the league.  As you can see, playing this summer with a few talented subs, we did alright.

So, the AHA gave word at the beginning of August that we are officially moving up to D1!  D1 is a much more consistent level of competition with a lot more teams, divided into two divisions.  We know that parity is very important to the AHA, so we're certainly honored to be asked to play with better faster teams!

In addition, we might have met some new folks during our travels this year, so you might see a new face or two on the ice this winter!

Quack Quack Quack!